We want to prevent our products and packaging from ending up in landfills. Here are a few ideas for repurposing or recycling your empty bottles.

Keep your glass jars and repurpose them.

Clean the product out and reuse the bottle. If you desire, you can easily remove any unwanted text from the jars and repurpose them. Simply scrape the text with a blade to remove it. Wipe clean.

Recycle the traditional way.

What you can recycle depends on the city you live in and all recycling programs are unique. Check the website of your local government or recycling provider for more information on recycling guidelines.

Take your empties to Credo Beauty or Sephora.

Earn some points while recycling with your local Credo store or local Sephora.

If your city doesn’t accept your skincare empties, Credo partners with TerraCycle and Sephora partners with Pact Collective, and each store accepts all beauty products, no matter the brand.

And bonus, Credo will reward you with 10 Credo Reward points for every full size personal care/beauty product recycled at their store – meaning, even though you did not buy your Madre Botanics product at Credo, you may recycle it there for points.

Learn more about Credo Beauty's recycling program.