Welcome to Madre Botanics — you're in good company.

Our story began with the desire to create top-shelf, plant-derived —affordable — skincare.

We formulate with the belief that when it comes to skincare, what is not absorbed by the skin is as important as what is.

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We look to our Italian heritage, its timeless simplicity, and nutrient-dense flora to inspire our products.

Our formulas are created by a mother, with pregnant and breastfeeding women in mind, to provide safe, luxurious skincare for all, including pregnancy and beyond.

And we strive to make a difference, both through our formulas and on this planet.

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Because we believe how we treat our body and the Earth matters.

Our Philosophy

Why less is more

You don't need a nine-step skincare routine to have beautiful skin. We believe in using fewer products and allowing the skin to breathe and regulate itself. Our skin is designed to work for us, not against us, but due to many factors, such as environmental pollution, the natural aging process, pesky hormones, and food choices, our skin can benefit from external care. However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Applying too many skincare products can harm our skin, disrupting the microbiome of the skin's natural balance of oil and bacteria.

We don't prescribe to the concept of anti-aging but we believe that skincare can help our skin age beautifully. We believe in multi-use products, ingredients that nourish and heal the skin, protect it, and enhance our skin's natural beauty.

We believe in skincare as self-care and being mindful in our purchasing decisions and, in turn, lessening unnecessary consumer waste.

We believe that when it comes to skincare, less is more.

Meet the founder, Ariela

"When I visit my aunt in Rome, she does not let me leave the house without lipstick, even if we are just going to a local shop. She doesn't care about contouring or spidery lashes, but she believes a woman should never leave the house without lipstick, and this approach of a single product doing the heavy lifting stuck with me. I love the idea of having a few key staples to enhance our natural beauty and tossing out the stuff we don't need."

Born and raised along the California coast in an Italian-American household, I was raised with the belief that quality ingredients matter when it comes to health and beauty, and my Italian heritage instilled in me the belief that when it comes to beauty, less is more.

In search of clean beauty, my interest in skincare began in 2011 when I would make non-toxic skincare products from my kitchen, gifting them to friends and dreaming of one day creating my own skincare line.

My skincare journey ramped up when I became pregnant and began to deal with extra sensitive, hormonal, and reactive skin — and the "mask of pregnancy," melasma. During postpartum, I dealt with periocular dermatitis, and dry skin. To add to it, my son was born with eczema. As my skin was constantly in contact with his and not knowing what was causing his eczema and not wanting my skincare products to amplify his flare-ups, I began to create skincare products that would deal with my skin issues while not exacerbating his.

Frustrated with my skin and seeking a simplified and affordable skincare routine, without all the additives, I began to create Madre Botanics to nourish anyone's skin, sensitive or not, pregnant or not.

Through my desire to have plant-derived, affordable, and premium skincare, Madre Botanics was born.

Madre was created with one word in mind: integrity.

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